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We launched Destination Modernism after years of doing all our own research before embarking on a tour of Midcentury Modern architecture. Not all that long ago us lovers of Miesan steel frames, concrete buttresses and geodesic domes had to look at each and every website, check opening times, suss out if they were public-friendly and then print a mass of information out ready to take on our travels. With the arrival of handy apps that take you around Modernist hotspots like Palm Springs and books like the new Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide to the best of West Coast USA, pre-holiday research today is cut to a minimum.   

Mid-Century Modern jacket

This Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide is perfect for those of us who like the feel of paper or want to cut down on our screen addiction while travelling abroad. Sam Lubell  came up with his idea for a handy carry around book that gives you an in-road to the area’s best Midmod eye candy while travelling around America as an architectural journalist. Lubell, who writes for Wired and The Architect’s Newspaper, has already authored a book about Julius Schulman as well as ‘Never Built New York’ and ‘Never Built Los Angeles’ – books about fabulous feats of imagination that never went further than the planning stage.  

170 Chemosphere

Darren Bradley, a photographer with a great eye for architecture and the proud owner of a William Krisel house was enlisted for the images. Otherwise known as Chimay Bleue on Flickr and modarchitecture on Instagram, Bradley travels all over the world capturing some kickass midcentury architecture for magazines including Wallpaper* and Dwell including John Lautner’s famous Chemosphere (above). 

166 Schindler House
 Together they created this must-have guide to the Mecca for midcentury modern enthusiasts, The West Coast of America. And, no doubt the East Coast will be on its way soon. The first handbook to focus on the architectural wonders of the USA’s fertile West Coast brings together a passionately curated list of 250 must-see destinations from this era taking in buildings that would have inspired the midcentury modern movement like Rudolph Schindler’s  Schindler house (above) and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House from the Twenties. 

144 Sheats Goldstein House

See the iconic Case Study houses in LA delivered by Eames, Elwood and Nelson and the glamour of Palm Springs’ Modern desert retirement homes, everything from John Lautner (above) to the more affordable Krisel creations. Lubell shares his insight with concise descriptions on each location and a summary of every aesthetic from the Organic Style to Pre-Fab and New Formalism.

177 Cinerama Dome
 Binge on Googie with diners and petrol stations flagged up along the way. Feel like you are on your own West Coast American road trip from the comfort of your Saarinen Womb chair.   

Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide – West Coast USA

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